is a project of domestic hopes and dreams.
The duality of Monday is, for some,
the beginning of the unbearable reality of responsibilities
that invariably hits every week. 
Our reality, more than chosen, 
sometimes seems to have been silently selected for us by the society. 
Some of the people I portrayed have already followed their dreams. 
Most of them, however, are stuck in their lives,
unable to change the way things are.

The crisis has left many with work conditions
that seem to get tougher every day. 
We are asked to give more for less
while at the same time,
the gap between the rich and poor is getting wider. 
For some, finding a job becomes the hardest job of all.
The fear of future, uncertainty and frustration
are some of the feelings these people are
trying to wash away
although finding it impossible to escape the reality.


I am interested in the real context.
I have looked for people to portray
who have identified themselves with the project.
All the people portrayed are wearing their own clothes,
are on their own showers or photographed 
on their way home left with the bare feelings of having
survived another 


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