05.12. - 29.12.2012

Arteground: Die Zeit - Aika

Marja Hakala - Outi Heiskanen - Jari Järnström - Satu Kalliokuusi - Annu Kapulainen - Päivi Koskinen - Anna-Maija Rissanen - Eeva Sumiloff - Aino Ulmanen
Marja-Elina Uusitupa - ArtoVäisänen - JarmoVellonen - MikaVesalahti - Sari Vuorenpää - Magdalena Åberg

Wagner + Partner gallery
Karl-Marx Allee 87
10243 Berlin, Germany


Open tue - sat 12 - 18 or as agreed. Closed between 24th and 26th of December. 









Pictures from the opening. Die Zeit 2012. Wagner & Partner gallery. Berlin. Germany. 



27.09. - 19.10.2012

Päivi Koskinen: Burning Them

Galeria h2o.
Calle Verdi, 152. 08012 Barcelona. Spain.
Tel. (34)934151801 / Fax (34) 934 154 143




Installation views. H2o -gallery, Barcelona, Spain. 


Recently elected president Sauli Niinistö received his portrait at the presidential palace in Helsinki, Finland.

26.04. - 13.05.2012

Puzzled - presidential portraits in Sinebrychoff Art Museum

Anna Hiltunen, Päivi Koskinen, Atro Linnavirta, Anita Naukkarinen & Angelica Saukkonen

invited 40 finnish visual artists together to make mosaic portraits of the second round candidates during the presidential elections in Finland
in February 2012 in order to defend the cultural values in future Finland. The resulting two portraits are exhibited in the Sinebrychoff Art Museum
in Helsinki and in Gallery Nuovo in Lahti before the works will be deceived to the private collections of Sauli Niinistö and Pekka Haavisto. 

Sinebrychoff Art Museum
Bulevardi 40
00120 Helsinki, Finland

             - sat, sun 11-17
             - wed, thurs 10-20
             - tue, fri: 10 - 18

12.02. - 18.03.2012

Puzzled - presidential portraits in gallery Nuovo in Lahti

Gallery Nuovo
Mariankatu 16
15110 Lahti

Open tuesday to friday 12 - 17, saturday 12 - 15, sunday 14 - 17


28.5.2011 - 28.8.2011

Billnäs Young Artists

Billnäs Ironworks exhibition hall
Billnäs, Finland

Billnäs Young Artists Exhibition is a competition with the aim of showing new talented young artists from Finland. 
My series Forget-me-not was chosen as one of the finalists of the competition. 


Installation view. Billnäs Young Artists. Billnäs. Finland. 2011. 

More information:


[2021/03/17] Madrid Foto 2011

5.5.2011 - 8.5.2011

Madrid Foto 2011

Madrid, Spain

My works were represented in the art fair in Madrid, Spain by gallery h2o from Barcelona. 

Installation view. Madrid Foto. Ifema. Madrid. Spain. 2011 

[2021/03/17] Mulier, Mulieris 2011

29.3.2011 - 31.5.2011

Mulier, Mulieris group exhibition 2011

Museum of University of Alicante
Sant Vicente del Raspeig,
Alicante, Spain

The museum of University of Alicante organizes every year a juried exhibition celebrating Women. 
Iza from Monday series was selected to the exhibition.



Installation view. Mulier, Mulieris 2011. Museum of University of Alicante. Spain. 

More information:


5.3.2011 - 25.4.2011

Charlottenborg Spring Exhibit

Charlottenborg Kunsthall
Nyhavn 2
1051 Copenhagen, Denmark

The Spring Exhibition of contemporary art has been held annually at Charlottenborg Art Hall in Copenhagen since 1857.
My three works from Monday series were selected by the jury to participate to the exhibition. 


The Spring Exhibition is organised by the Charlottenborg fonden in association with the Kunsthal, and is selected by a jury consisting of artists and other arts professionals from Scandinavia and beyond. The jury for 2011 consists of the artist and curator Kirstine Roepstorff (DK, chair), the artists Thora Dolven Balke (NO) and Johanna Billing (SE), and the curators René Block (DE) and Leevi Haapala (FI).


Installation view. Kunsthall Charlottenborg. Copenhagen. Denmark. 2011. 

More information:


Catalogue of the exhibition: 


4.3.2011 - 27.3.2011

Päivi Koskinen: Monday

Gallery Rajatila
Hämeenpuisto 10
33210 Tampere, Finland



Installation view. Monday. Gallery Rajatila. Tampere, Finland. 

From Reality to Desire
Discoveries PHE Brugal Extra Viejo

Cécile Decorniquet (Francia, 1983) / Miguel Fukutomi (Portugal, 1979) / Lola Guerrera (España, 1982) / Lori Hepner (Estados Unidos, 1981) / Päivi Koskinen (Finlandia, 1977) / Alicia Moneva Moreno (España, 1969) / Oliver Roma (Francia, 1967) / Claudia Romiti (Italia, 1969) / Motohiro Takeda (Japón, 1982) / Phillip Toledano (Reino Unido, 1968) / Curtis Wehrfritz (Canadá, 1961) / Vanessa Winship (Reino Unido, 1960)

20.01.2011 - 20.02.2011

Urazurrutia, 32
48003 Bilbao, Spain

19.11.2010 - 18.12.2010

El Punto del Carmen
Caballeros 38
Valencia, Spain

17.9.2010 - 16.10.2010

Centro de las Artes de Sevilla, CaS
Calle Torneo, 18
41002 Sevilla, Spain


Installation views. From Reality to Desire. BilbaoArte. Bilbao. Spain. 2011. 


[2021/03/17] Artists 2010

30.10.2010 - 5.12.2010

Artists 2010

Tampere Museum of Modern Art, TR 1
Väinö Linnan aukio 13,
Finlayson, Tampere, Finland

A biannual exhibition of finnish contemporary art organized and juried by Artists Association of Finland. 


Installation view. Artists 2010. TR 1. Tampere. Finland. 

11.6.2010 - 8.8.2010

Cool Water
Curated by Timo Valjakka. 

Participating artists: Elina Brotherus, Mikko Ijäs, Päivi Koskinen, Susanna Majuri, Tuomo Manninen, Heikki Marila, Tiina Mielonen,
Mari Rantanen, Riiko Sakkinen, Maiju Salmenkivi and Katja Tukiainen.

Gallery Korjaamo
Töölöönkatu 51 a-b
00250 Helsinki, Finland

Installation view. Korjaamo gallery. Helsinki. Finland. 2010.



14.2.2020 - 15.3.2020

From Now on - exhibition together with Linn Sjöstedt
at Galleri Box, Gothenburg, Sweden

Galleri Box
Kastellgatan 10
41122 Göteborg

Telefon: 031-13 20 37
open mon-fri  13-17   sat-sun  12-16



The opening of Monday solo exhibition
at the Nordic House of Copenhagen

Nordens Hus
Ved Stranden 18
DK-1061 København K
Telefon: +45 33 96 04 00


I was invited to participate to the making of the official Portrait of the President of Finland, Sauli Niinistö, together with 100 young artists from Finland.
The portrait was published the 4th of May 2018 and will be exhibited to public in the Ateneum Art Museum in Helsinki during June 2018. 


For my piece, I decided to photograph a young Afgan asylum seeker Sadiq Bahrooz and use his right cheek for the portrait. I had just met Sadiq and at the time of the picture, during summer of 2017, it was still unsure if Sadiq could stay in Finland, as he had received two negative decisions from the migration office. His dream of finding a safe place in Finland to start over his life after a long journey was close to failing. This was a person who had learned Finnish, found a job and a place to study, had made friends and was helping in his free time other asylum seekers to adjust to Finland. I was taken by his efforts and still could not help him. Some of the xenophobic reactions towards the asylum seekers coming to Finland and Europe made me tremble.

So I wanted to include his picture to the Official Portrait of Sauli Niinistö, as a reminder that Finland should be open to everyone, and we should work towards a
multicultural and tolerant country. It may sound like an utopia, but a rich country like Finland, can afford it. I now live temporarily in Singapore, and what amazes me the
most is the beauty of religions and cultures living every day life together with respect for each other. 







The opening of Kaunas Photo exhibition
at Meno Parkas gallery in Kaunas Lithuania

Matthew Moore (USA) "Seascapes“, Päivi Koskinen (Finland) „Monday“, Russ Flatt (New Zealand) "Take me to the river“,
Jari Silomaki (Finland) "My weather diary“, Pierfrancesco Celada (Italy) "Instagrampier Hong Kong“.

Rotušės square 27,


18.08. - 17.09.2017

Viljandi Art Festival

From August 18th until September 17th Viljandi becomes an exhibition site for international artists, 
cultural evets and interactive activities. Stina from Burning Them is included in a group exhibiton at Kondas Art Museum. 

Kondas Art Museum
Pikk Tänav 8, Viljandi

Open mon–sun 11–18



Street Galleries Pop up Auction 

Sähkötalo, Helsinki

Susanna Autio, Juha Holopainen, Inkeri Makkonen, Marjatta Holma, Hannamari Matikainen, Sari Bremer, Susanna Iivanainen, Katriina Haikala, Marja-Elina Uusitupa
Päivi Koskinen, Arto Väisänen, Harri Hemmilä, Taika Ilola, Marja Helander, Hanna Westerberg, Ullamaija Hänninen


At 13 pm. 


31.03. - 11.04.2015

Päivi Koskinen: Monday - Montag

Galerie Pleiku
Eugen Schönhaar Strasse 6A
Prentzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

Open tue–sat 14–19



29.08. - 30.09.2013

Strange, Tender Light

Photographic centre Peri
Väinö Aaltonen Museum of Art
Itäinen Rantakatu 38
20810 Turku

Open tuesday - sunday 10-18

20.03. - 14.04.2013

Päivi Koskinen: Burning Them

Galleria Uuden Kipinän Kulma
Kymintie 1
Lahti, Finland

Open tue–fri 12–18, sat–sun 12–16


17.1.2013 - 3.2.2013

Who is talking? - Political art invades the gallery space.

Katri Hämäläinen - Päivi Koskinen - Jaana Kokko - Silja Puranen

Gallery OyOy
Päijänteenkatu 3
Lahti, Finland


Open wed - fri 15 - 20, sat - sun 11 - 17 or as agreed.


29.08. - 30.09.2012

Päivi Koskinen: Monday

Northern Photographic Center
Culture House Valve
Hallituskatu 7, Oulu, Finland
Tel: + 358 8 311 0611 or + 358 40 7272 135 Alla Räisänen, director


23.3. – 30.9.2012

Flush -  Päivi Koskinen, Sasha Huber, Heidi Lunabba, Petri Saarikko, Petri Ala-Maunus, Juhana Moisander and Minna Suoniemi
Helsinki City Hall’s Virka Gallery blurs the borders between the public and the private with its Flush! exhibition, which is on display in unconventional places – the expansive public washrooms and their adjoining lounges in the City Hall.

The City Hall washrooms are open for the public throughout the City Hall opening hours free of charge. As all public washrooms, there are separate facilities for men and women. Flush! respects this separation of genders in the selections of art by putting on view different selections in the men’s and women’s rooms.

The curators of Flush! explore the nature of public washrooms at the border of the public and the private. As such public washrooms can be bewildering places. The bewilderment is reflected in the exhibition by photographs, video art and installations by seven artists.

Päivi Koskinen’s photographs take the viewers to the private places of showers at homes. Heidi Lunabba’s Drawing in Snow video shows a ballet dancer forming patterns in snow by urinating. The other Flush! artists are Petri Saarikko, Petri Ala-Maunus, Sasha Huber, Juhana Moisanderand Minna Suoniemi.

Flush! is part of the programmes of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 and Helsinki Photography biennial. 

Flush! at Virka Gallery through September 30th, 2012, Mon-Fri 9-19, Sat-Sun 10-16

free admission


26.05. - 12.06.2012

Päivi Koskinen: Monday

Pori Art Museum - Poriginal gallery
Eteläranta 6, 28100 PORI
tel.  + 358 2 621 1093
Open from Tuesday to Sunday
from 11.00-18.00. 


10.9.2011 - 18.9.2011


Finland's Most Versatile Sales Exhibition of Contemporary Art
200 Artists - 600 Works of Art at the Cable Factory *Tallberginkatu 1C* Helsinki (Finland)

             - sat sun 11-17
             - wed-fri 11-19
             - mon-tue: closed

Free admission


18.8.2011 - 31.12.2012

Order - Disorder

Street galleries
Helsinki, Finland

Opening 18.8.2011 at 18.00 in front of Jaskan Grilli, Museokatu, Helsinki.

Street galleries was iniciated by visual artist Magdalena Åberg in 2005 and from there on, organizes yearly changing exhibitions in the electricity distribution cabinets in the streets of Helsinki in co-operation with Helsinki Energy corporation and The Artists Association of Helsinki. I was invited to participate under the theme Order -  Disorder with two of my works from Monday series. They will be installed in Eerikinkatu 6 and Eerinkinkatu 36 electricity distribution cabinets. 


16.7.2011 - 7.8.2011

Arteground 2011 Exhibition of Finnish Art 

Vaksal 4,
Viljandi, Estonia

The theme of the Arteground art festival 2011 is water.
The Exhibition of Finnish Art was juried by artists Jari Järnström and Silja Puranen.
I am participating with six works from the Monday series.

26.7.2010 - 8.9.2010

Foto 8 Summershow

Juried summer exhibition in Host gallery, London, United Kingdom.
"Dani" from Monday series was selected to the show. 

Host Gallery
1-5 Honduras Street
London EC1Y 0TH
United Kingdom

Monica Allende, Picture Editor, The Sunday Times Magazine
Stephanie Braun, Curator, The Photographers’ Gallery
Harry Hardie, HOST Gallery
Colin Jacobson, Editor, Lecturer and Photography Commentator
Mark Power, Photographer

More information:


26.3.2010 - 30.5.2010

Päivi Koskinen: Monday

Gallery Korjaamo
Töölöönkatu 51 a-b
00250 Helsinki, Finland

6. - 31.10.2009 

Päivi Koskinen: Monday

Galería h2o
Calle Verdi 152
08012 Barcelona, Spain

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